Tips for Buying Quality Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette is not the same thing with tobacco cigarette even though they give similar effect. You can easily buy tobacco cigarette at street stores, newspaper stands or similar places. This is not the case with e-cigar. You cannot buy an e-electronic starter kit or premium e-cigar anywhere or anyhow. There are some factors that you should take into consideration, if you want to buy quality electronic cigarette. Below are some of the tips to help you buy an electronic cigarette in Australia that will meet your requirements.

Don’t go for free trials

E-cigarette is a new product in the market. It is fast growing in popularity. Many people are now taking to e-cig in Australia because of the numerous benefits it gives them. There is the tendency for people who do not have e-cigar to rush for free trials advertised in many websites. In actual sense, there is nothing like free trial. A good number of websites advertising free trials are scams. You will be asked to give your credit details. Once you give details of your credit card, you will receive the product but within a couple of week, the money for the product you received will be deducted from your account. This may be contained in their terms and conditions or disclaimer. Unfortunately, many buyers do not read them before they place order.

Buy from a reliable and reputable source

Make sure that you buy from a reliable and reputable source. like here: A veritable means of finding reliable and reputable sites is to read their reviews. It is better to read reviews from forums of e-cigs in Australia. Reviews in e-cigar forums are more reliable than reviews from affiliate marketing websites. Affiliate marketers post positive reviews to lure buyers into clicking on the product so that they will get more commission.

There are also signs that will help you know a reliable and reputable site.

Here are some of the signs:
• availability of clear contact details
• registered or licensed by an appropriate authority
• being a member of an industry association
• availability of trust signs
• sign of secure connection such as https

Register with a vaping community or forum

If you want to buy premium Australian e-cigarettes, it is advisable for you to register with an e-cigar forum. Seek the advice of other members when you want to buy your e-cigarette in Australia. You will get helpful guidelines and tips from the members of the forum.

Don’t buy from a website that says you can quit smoking by vaping e-cigar E-cigar is not meant to help people to stop smoking, rather it is made to replace tobacco smoking. So, any website that says that e-cigar will make you to quit smoking is not real. Consider your preference What determines the right e-cigar for you is your preference and needs. Thus, when you want to buy an e-cigarette starter kit, you should not overlook your needs and preferences. Take time to read about various types of e-cigar and their features. Knowing them will help you to determine which one is most suitable for you.

Consider cost Shopping around is a veritable means of getting good bargain on your e-cigar. Different sites sell at different prices. So, by shopping around and comparing prices, you will be able to know which website is giving you the best deal. The above tips will help you to buy quality electronic cigarette or get a good eliquid for your enjoyment.

EU Regulation – part 2

Why That Is Problematic.

For one, these legislators were under the mistaken thinking that it is the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes that was causing harm to smokers. This is not true. The harm comes from the smoke that contains tar and a variety of carcinogens so targeting nicotine is going after the wrong element.

The other problem is that the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes is absorbed differently from that in electronic cigarettes. The nicotine in tobacco cigarettes is said to be very potent and is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. This means that a small quantity of nicotine will have a more profound effect than a similar amount in an electronic cigarette.

Therefore, there should be different standards for nicotine amounts in tobacco cigarettes and e-cigs. Looking at them as equals is very erroneous to say the least.

Third, the rules leave e-cigs that have no nicotine in them in a regulatory no-man’s land and that is very risky. It will not be easy to enforce the standards in these regulations on makers of zero-nicotine e-cigs since they will say that they are not covered by those regulations.

For the reasons presented above, it is very wrong for those legislators to look at electronic cigarettes in the same way as they look at tobacco cigarettes. Such a stance does not recognize the harm reduction potential of e-cigarettes and also refuses to accept that there are aspects of e-cigs that need to first be studied before appropriate regulations are formulated.

At the end of the day, the new rules look like an attempt by big tobacco to salvage whatever it can from a situation that was rapidly swinging against them. There is no escaping such thinking when you look at these regulations that have been enacted.

The EU seems to have set a precedent in the region as it is very likely that member states will base on the provisions of this set of regulations to pass their own laws. That eventuality will have far-reaching consequences for the electronic cigarette industry so all players are waiting to see what happens next.

EU Regulation

The EU Passes Tough Regulations Governing Electronic Cigarettes.

This week saw the EU pass some very tough regulations affecting electronic cigarettes. Those new regulations are due to come into force in 2016. For a long time, the public, the electronic cigarette industry and all interested groups had been waiting with bated breath to see the position that the European Union would take on these devices that seemed to have taken the market by storm.

The new regulations severely limit electronic cigarette advertising, they demand that graphic warnings be placed on e-cig packaging materials and also put nicotine content restrictions on e-liquids. There is a child-proofing requirement to prevent children from getting access to e-cig contents.

What is particularly disturbing is the nicotine content limitation. The 20mg/ml cap is based on very flawed reasoning and it is bound to create a lot of problems.

The EU argues that the 20mg/ml concentration limit is similar to what is present in tobacco cigarettes so electronic cigarettes should not be allowed to have higher concentrations than that.